Wolves of Wolf Hollow


If you didn't know, there are wolves in Massachusetts. They aren't wild, but you can see them in Ipswich, at Wolf Hollow.

I went in May, and realized when I got there that spring may nit be the best time for wolf photos. They were shedding their winter coats, and looked a little ratty. You will notice that most of my shots are cropped in tight because of that. The best time (now that I think of it) would be winter after a nice new layer of snow. I thought the green grass and new blossoms would be nice, so that was my first mistake.

For anyone interested you can get a private photo session for $100/hr. They have a few viewing areas, which are just holes in the fence. They are cut at human eye level, and not wolf eye level. That was a let down, because I had to shoot through the chain link fence to get eye level shots.

My second mistake was the lens setup I chose. I always default to the longest lens, but this time I should have stuck with the 70-200mm without the teleconverter. It would have given sharper images, and I could have cropped a little in post. I think I ended up with some image quality loss due to the converter. It wasn't like the wolves were far away, 200mm would be fine. Lesson learned. Maybe I'll take a trip back in the winter.

Check out the slideshow below or my gallery for more images.

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